Meet your farmers! Beth Anne and Joey Heneghan are the owners and operators of BannJoe Farms. They are passionate about agriculture and the role it plays in nourishing our bodies, strengthening our communities, and creating value for the next generation.

Born to farm, Joey has spent most of his life digging in the dirt. From summers spent on his grandparents' farm to working as an agronomist, he has an insatiable curiosity for all things agricultural and mechanical. He also boasts an impressive John Deere tractor collection that Beth Anne thinks might be the first thing he would save if the house caught on fire.

A farmer in her own right, Beth Anne has spent many date nights with Joey driving tractors, scouting fields, and generally preparing to call the paramedics at a moment's notice. Her professional roles in sales and business lend themselves well to managing the operations on the farm. She spearheaded the farm's diversification into growing garlic and believes the U.S. garlic market is in its infancy and poised for tremendous growth.

Rounding out the crew is their daughter, Jill, and gaggle of pets including farm dog, Hazel, and cats, Judd, Gator, and Casper. Lastly, the BannJoe Farms name was born out the combination of their first names...not the ability to strum any instruments, but if it ever came down to starting a family band Joey's time playing trumpet and the big bass drum at Purdue would come in handy!